Screen Brakes


The screen brake is an essential accessory for vertical and horizontal systems as it gives the screen higher quality, longer life and absolute safety for its owner. Its installation on the screen is easy and once done it allows the screen to be opened smoothly and easily.

It contains silicone oil inside. The viscosity of the oil plays a decisive role in the quality performance of the brake. The passage of time and changing climatic conditions should not impair the effectiveness of the screen brake.

Our company cooperates exclusively with an Italian factory, the screen brakes are 100% produced in Italy and it is possible, if you ask us, to design a screen brake based on your own requirements and needs, without any design and mold charge. You can choose the direction of the brake, its diameter and design based on the dimensions of the tubo profile you want, as well as the force of the spring. They are considered the best screen brakes on the European market.

Our company has a large stock of screen brakes for many vertical and horizontal systems on the market.

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