Screen Magnets


Screen magnets are available for sliding, opening and plisse screen systems. Our company has an exclusive partnership with an Italian factory, the magnets are 100% produced in Italy and it is possible, if you ask us, to manufacture a magnet based on your own requirements and needs, without any design and mold charge.

Codes and Dimensions

  • Magnet 432: 7,8mm x 4,3mm
  • Magnet 188: 5,7mm x 7,7mm
  • Magnet 455: 8mm x 5,4mm
  • Magnet 545: 14,2mm x 10,8mm
  • Magnet D9: 4,8mm x 8mm
  • Magnet D42: 4,8mm x 9,8mm
  • Magnet D5: 7,6mm x 10mm
  • Magnet D6: 5,9mm x 7,7mm
  • Magnet PS: 6,2mm x 8mm
  • Magnet D5-M: 8,1mm x 9,4mm
  • Magnet G: 4,7mm x 8mm